New feature alert!

Zappa now has out-of-the-box support for AWS Lambda compatible "manylinux" wheels! This means that hundreds more Python libraries with C-extensions will now work with Zappa with no additional work!

Some choice goodies include, but aren't limited to:

  • bcrypt

  • cffi

  • pandas

  • gevent/greenlet

  • lxml

  • matplotlib

  • pymongo

  • pyzmq

  • scikit-learn

  • scipy

  • secp256k1

This expands upon our lambda-packages effort, which houses pre-compiled and pre-optimized Lambda-compatible version of many popular python packages and supplements them with versions already compiled for 64-bit linux and housed on PyPi.

As usual, this is a brand-spanking-new feature, so please use it at your own risk and report any issues you may find! You can disable it by setting use_precompiled_packages to false in your zappa_settings file.

Special thanks to @perrygeo for suggesting this feature and providing a prototype implementation.



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